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Что будут показывать в Китае вместо The Hobbit и Skyfall этой осенью?

По наводке ув. ratri

В китайский кинопрокат на следующей неделе выходит эпическая полотно "1942" о катастрофе библейских масштабов в провинции Хэнань в годы Второй Мировой.

Back to 1942

CREDITS: Directed by Feng Xiaogang and starring Adrien Brody, Tim Robbins, Xuejian Li, Wei Fan, Daoming Chen, Hanyu Zhang and Zhang Guoli.
DETAILS: 146 mins, In Cinemas 30 November 2012, China, People's Republic of, English
SYNOPSIS: In 1942, Henan province was devastated by the most tragic famine in modern Chinese history, resulting in the deaths of at least three million men, women and children. Although the primary cause of the famine was a severe drought, it was exacerbated by locusts, windstorms, earthquakes, epidemic disease and the corruption of the ruling Kuomintang government. Meanwhile, war is about to break out between Japanese troops and Nationalist forces in North Henan. The province's full supply of grain is to be diverted to the Chinese troops...

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